How much can you absorb?

How much can you absorb before the effects are great? We are living in unprecedented times, with the Coronavirus bringing extra stress to what was already a stressful life. The narrative of our history, everything that has impacted us in our pasts, as well as the present stresses can be so great that they trigger an emotional fulness that we struggle to cope with. We struggle to make any sense of what our internal emotional world is experiencing that it causes symptoms of low self worth, depression, anxieties of many different forms.

Often it all just gets too much, internalised and suppressed, but when triggered causes emotional responses that make us feel worse than before. Like a pressure cooker ready to blow it shows itself within our relationships, in the way we parent our children, friendships and the like. We can even blame everyone else for how we feel to avoid what is really going on for us!

Is it time to change? Is it time to talk? Is it time to be heard and understood? Is it time to make sense of what you are experiencing in your inner emotional world?

Talking therapy with someone qualified to help, can be an amazing way to bring balance to our internal emotional world.

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