Author of ‘Unlocking The Soul’

Unlocking The Soul

I have become aware that since writing my first book THE COURAGE TO FEEL that there are chapters that I would now add, that would make it more complete. The reviews of my first book show that it has helped people to understand and accept themselves, whilst also understanding how they function from both a natural and spiritual perspective, thus finding greater levels of freedom for their soul. My hope and prayer is that what you are about to read will consolidate that change with further insight and understanding. This is information that has not only helped me personally in my life, but has also helped others, as I have sat with clients and friends and watched the lights turn on in their own understanding, bringing greater levels of self-awareness and choice. Can I encourage you to read this little book with a desire to meditate on the words with self reflection, and to grow in your own self awareness that will then unlock your soul to greater levels of freedom.

Unlocking the Soul: Moving beyond the past
by Amazon
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