Client Feedback

The key benefit I got from my therapy is a huge improvement in my self awareness, and my ability to choose my responses in emotionally loaded situations” Male

“I really felt like somebody had heard me for the first time in my life without judging, I feel like Paul really held my pain with me. I needed to feel safe to explore my issues” Female

I really felt validation and support to work through my issues at my own pace” Female

“When I decided to look for a counsellor I was in a bad place feeling depressed and not having much interest in anything. He obviously believes in the process and himself to the extent offering the first session as complimentary. I have had six sessions with him where he picked up things that previous counsellors have completely missed. All sessions were held at my pace covering subjects and areas I wanted to talk about and achieve. I am now in a much better place and very happy with my choice of counsellor”. Male

“Paul was a very kind and warm counsellor who made me feel comfortable and able to speak about my issues. I did not feel like he was judging me no matter what I said. I came out of my counselling sessions feeling that it was ok to be the person I wanted to be and that the only person I needed to please was myself. I owe Paul at lot and wouldnt be the person I am today if I had not been lucky enough to have had him as my counsellor”. Female

“He has helped us build a deeper understanding of each other. We both feel we have found our voice and are heard by each other much better than before”. Couples therapy

“Paul is extremely friendly and makes you very comfortable quickly. We found him professional and realy helped us to understand each others feelings, emotions and helped us to understand where our feelings and emotions came from. He is observant, authentic and extremly good listening skills. He helped us talk through traumatic experiences and gave us listening and talking tools which has enhanced our understanding and allows each person to feel safe when expressing themselves”. Couples therapy

“It took me on a journey from not really knowing who I was, or what I wanted to a point where I realised exactly how I fit in the world, what my gifts and talents are, and how to unapologetically be ME. I actually landed my dream job, completely out of the blue between my 11th and 12th sessions… it’s as if the universe conspired to pull all the strands of my life together into a ‘whole’ and come good”. Male

One of the first people I’ve met who accepted who I was and what I had to say with compassion and absolutely no judgement. A wonderful listener, and he provided intelligent and wise reflection. Male

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