In my experience as a qualified Person Centred Therapist, I have greatly appreciated the value of good supervision with a supervisor who embraces my way of working.

Whether you are an experienced therapist of many years, or a trainee counsellor, I am passionate about standing with you in your client work.

The hidden implicit process within the relationship between you as the counsellor, and your client, can be an obstruction to your clients progress in therapy, if it remains hidden to you. The greatest benefit to the clients progress, is for you to explore your own feelings towards your clients, and the material they are bringing into therapy. Bringing possible hidden attachments, transference, countertransference and judgments into your awareness, can enhance the empathy that you hold for your client, the more empathy they experience, the more they will feel heard and understood, and the safer they will feel to explore themselves.

Supervision is also a place where you can build resilience as a therapist, particularly if you are a counsellor in training. It is so important that we find the right supervisor to stand with us in our counselling work.

Give me a call if you would like to know more.

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